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Nokia N73 Cellphone Repair guide MMC problem.

Nokia N73 MultiMediaCard | MMC Problem Repair.

Nokia N73 Cellphone users often have problems with Multi Media Card called MMC, even though the cellphone you just bought. The problem that often occurs is " Memory Card Corrupted, No Memory Card Inserted and Memory Card Not Detected ". Why this problem always occur? How about ways to solve it? Sure you also ask the same thing right?

If you just buy that cellphone I really recommend that you immediately brought back to the store where you bought it.
This is because your cellphone is still in warranty. Cellphone companies distributors or retailers on the validity of customs guarantees for one year from the date you purchased the Cellphone.
If the warranty has expired you can choose whether to submit to a nearby Cellphone repair shops or repair the cellphone itself.

If you decide to repair your own cellphone, some basic guidelines to identify and repair damage to the Multimedia Card | MMC Nokia N73. I assume you have the appropriate equipment and have basic knowledge about Cellphone repair works.

Step by step to identify and repair damage to the Nokia N73, damage MultiMediaCard | MMC corrupted or not detected problem.

Check the UI Connector (Label 1) of the image, if there is obvious physical damage it should be replaced.
If one of the pins are not in contact with the surface so it is only to be heated | resolder again.

also check the Power Supply IC for MMC (Label 3). The same method as mentioned earlier.

Two of the IC label 2 and label 4 on the image should be checked even though the likelihood of damage is low but it should be in check.

Damage MultiMediaCard a.k.a MMC on Nokia N73 may be caused by one of the problems, or all together. Check carefully and carefully so that no part of the damaged or missing due to a fall, a very small component is hard to find replacements.

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